7 years ago


I had a perfect life up till the age of 35, at least, for people who would look at my life as a picture. Married, 2 kids, beautiful house in an upscale area, part-time administrative job, 2 cars, 2 vacations per year.

But I did not feel well. I was not happy and I knew something had to change in my life. So my journey of how to feel well started.

If I look back, now 7 years ago – I have gone through a period of great inner growth, I have broken down everything I once believed in, “quit the shit”, and started rebuilding my life. I have reinvented myself, and it is still ongoing. It is a continuous process that I love and I want you to understand that this is a wonderful journey. It is called LIFE!

My children said that I have changed so much. And they are right! I know exactly how I want my life to be, how I want to feel. I know myself, and I stand for who I am.
I want my children and all of you to be inspired that you are the creator of your own well-being.

I hope you enjoy my blogs. If you feel connected, please leave me a note. I love to hear from you!


  1. Mooi geschreven Viool. Zo is t, kijk eens vooruit naar als je 80 bent… als je dan terugkijkt kunnen we dan zeggen we hebben t goed gedaan? En als je daaraan twijfelt dat is t inderdaad nu de tijd om te veranderen voordat we 80 zijn. Tijd gaat snel, het is belangrijk om te weten wanneer we gelukkig zijn. En soms zijn er hele dappere keuzes voor nodig om los te komen uit de situaties waarin we eingenlijk niet happy zijn. Leuk dat je anderen wilt inspireren! Knuf Ce

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