Converting from Fear to Fantastic

If you would tell me 2 months ago that I would be riding a horse, I would certainly not believe you.

My fear for horses was pretty fierce. At the age of 7 I had a dear friend and she adored horses. She loved petting them, talking to them and of course riding them. I loved my friend but everytime she went to the stables I waited outside until she was done. Now I have two daughters and one stepdaughter. And they all love horses 😅! The first time I accompanied my eldest daughter to horse riding, I had to walk through the stables to bring her to her class. I felt terrified. Horses were standing everywhere, they were huge! And I had to walk around them and watch my daughter who happily jumped around! It made me really nervous. I was glad to get out of there.

My daughters and I have been through some rough times. Their dad and I split up more than 6 years ago and in the beginning we seemed to be managing fine as parents. Things got complicated when I met my partner, 2 years ago. Somehow the new situation was difficult for all of us to accept. My dear stepdaughter lost her mother to cancer 3 years ago. So we all were in need of some positive energy.

I want to bond more with my daughters and what is more fun then doing something together. They suggested to go horseriding and I thought heck yes, let’s go for it 😱!

So in the weeks that followed, I did some serious meditating on how I would like to feel when riding a horse. I wanted to feel absolutely good. I wanted to feel confident. Horses do sense your feelings, they are very sensitive. I am glad for that as I am a sensitive person. I imagined me and the horse getting along. (S)he would know that I am a nice person and would feel that there is no room for messing around with me. I make it sound very easy and light, of course I spent some time on this subject especially on the positive outcome.

And it was great, I had a fantastic time with my daughters!

The instructor told me that she could tell from the horse that I am a confident and strong person.


Here is a pic from me and my two girls:


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