Pick me – pick me!

Life is about making choices. I would say, make choices that reflect your true self, choices that make you happy and feel alive.

I love to have a career in doing what I love most – so I decided to set my mind, my thoughts and my feelings out to how this career would look like for me:

I wrote down what exactly I enjoy doing, like organizing, facilitating, analyzing, creating. Then I wrote down the feeling I would have in this career, like joy, fulfillment, appreciation, confidence. And then some more items I desire, like the hours I love to work, the payment (= appreciation) I desire to receive.


This might sound natural to you. I hope so. Well, now it is for me the way to go; the starting point is me, from within, and then go ‘outside‘ to find the desired career.

For years I have been adapting my way around. I know I can bend a looooong time! When an employer wanted someone who would jump when they ask, I would jump. My thoughts would be something like ‘they want somebody like that, so I better do that’.

So, I have had a nice experience this week involving the search for my so loved career. And staying true to myself. There was a job ad showing up from an innovative company, when I was scrolling on Facebook. The ad was written in a way that was perfectly right for me. Everything matched. Wow.

The motivation letter I wrote, kind of flew out of my pen (eh.. laptop) – so easy. And I received a reaction almost straight away – I was one of the lucky seven candidates that were invited for an interview. YESsss! I would receive an assignment to prepare for the interview, as the company wanted to find out if I was the right candidate.

Pick me! Pick me!
So I excitedly told a couple of family members and friends that I had found my ideal job.

But somehow that did not feel right – I have no idea why until…

…the assignment came in. Oh. NO.

I felt immediately that this job, with this assignment, was NOT right for me. That if I wanted to complete the assignment and to fulfill the needs of this company, I would have to BEND myself completely, to STRETCH in a way that would hurt myself, and I would loose myself in the process.

So I decided to be fully honest with myself, and with the innovative company. I wrote them how I felt (not good) and told them I am desiring a career that is in flow with me. I was curious how they would react. I would say, not so happy.

Actually, their reaction was great! I received a compliment for being honest and true to myself and that showing my vulnerability was a great gift.

I just love the person behind this company. Thank you. Incredible!




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