The Shame

Shame for sharing – that is what came up when I looked at my LinkedIn profile last week.

In the last two years I have experimented with jobs. I have made an effort in finding out what I REALLY like to do, what makes me happy and fulfilled. The ‘Hitting the right spot’ feeling.

And during this period, every time I discovered something new, I believed I was “there”, as in believing I had found my life purpose. I shared it on LinkedIn as my new job, or as my new vision.

My journey was quite a rollercoaster. 

This autumn it slowed down. I found that living my life purpose has everything to do with doing what I do best naturally and that same thing makes me very happy.
I kind of forgot linkedIn, I did not update it anymore. I kind of left it, ignored it.

As I entered my new ❤️ job, my new -and of course – kind colleagues found me on social media and yes I received some invitations to connect.

Then the shame came. There was still some ‘old stuff’ on social media from the rollercoaster time. I felt so vulnerabe! I was on my way to do some shopping but this needed attention Right Away!!

That stuff on LinkedIn had to be updated! And some had to be DELETED.

Actually something similar happened to me before. I have written diaries full with thoughts and poems. And I have thrown them all away. When reading them – sometimes the day after I wrote, I felt ashamed for my truth and vulnerability.

Thank the technology for having smart phones. I parked my car, I checked what I wrote and posted but hey… it was sweet.

It was 100% me. So. I let it be.

So, here is more of me, and from my wiener dog Willem who makes me smile every day:

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